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Not Gun Control

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SELF CONTROL Not Gun Control.

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SELF CONTROL Not Gun Control

Table of Contents

Introduction: SELF CONTROL Not Gun Control


Poem: Scorched Earth Policy

Okay, Let's License Guns Just Like Cars
Why Do People Fear Guns?
In Defense of the NRA
NRA and the Libertarian Party
Can You Handle Victory?
Putting Republican Feet to the Fire
Political Apologies
Gun Club to Gun Rights Author: No Guns Allowed!
Q&A on Civilian Gun Carrying
Letter to President Reagan on Gun Amnesty
50,000 Watts on Guns
When the Truth is Not in Vogue
More Bogus Science About Guns
Resisting a Carjacker
California Carry
Gun Owner Resistance
The Fallacy of Disarmament
When Should Gun Owners Revolt?
The Second Amendment and Militias
A Clarion Call!
An Open Reply to Representative Charles Schumer


Poem: The Last Mile

Natural Rights and Social Utility
The Social Contract
The Libertarian Insight
Who Would Build the Roads in A Libertarian Society?
Positive Liberty
Compulsory National Service
Ignoring the Framers
Virtual States
American Culture
Censorship and Hate Speech
The Semantics of Hate Speech
Symbolic Speech Versus Speech-as-Action
Taxing Slashers Doesn't Go With Slashing Taxes
The Citizen's Line Item Veto Proposition
A More Bulletproof Bill of Rights
Forcing the Spring
Evolution Versus Revolution
The Tenth Amendment War
How About Some Domestic Tranquility?
A Reply to (Sir Henry?) Clinton
The Dignity of Power
Nixon's Advice to a 1996 Presidential Candidate
No Right to "Just Say No"
The Drug Prohibition Epidemic
During the L.A. Riots
Is This A Case For Perry Mason?
An Argument on the Death Penalty
The Aliens Are Among Us
Willie Brown, Terrorist
The General Welfare


Poem: 15 to Life

The Meaning of Life
Why I Am Not A Jew And What I Am Instead
Thoughts on Individualism
New Age Thinking
The Philosophy of Neilism


Poem: An Economics Lesson

The Convertible Corporation: A Proposal
Economic Scandals
Two Documentary Proposals on Work and Productivity:

That Good Ole American Know How
Time Off The Clock


Poem: Virtual Hope

The New Literacies
Paperless Books
Letter To President Reagan on Space Policy
Deprogram Space
The Coming Golden Age


Poem: Chopped Liver Prose

The Biter's Manifesto
Political Parables
A Reader's Rudeness
Novels Versus Movies
Serious Literature: A Letter to The New York Times
Writing Fiction
There Are Two Sides To Every Review


Poem: A Non-Christian's Prayer to Christ

Afterword: Gunzo Journalism by Brad Linaweaver

About J. Neil Schulman

Begin Reading Introduction: SELF CONTROL Not Gun Control.