License Granted to Purchaser of this Paperless Booktm

Section I. License Granted

Publisher grants to a purchaser of this paperless booktm the non-exclusive right to:

A) Make a backup copy of the archive for the licensee's personal use.

B) Unarchive a text copy of the work to be stored in the licensee's personal computer, for the purposes of reading, study, or analysis. "Personal computer" for purposes of this clause shall mean a single microcomputer with no more than one terminal, monitor, or printer in use at one time, and will include any device--stationery, portable, or handheld--which enables reading or printout of electronic text. No unarchived copy of the work, or any part of it, may be stored or used anywhere other than in the licensee's personal computer or media, nor may it be in whole or in part sold, given away, traded, lent out, transmitted, or otherwise used in any computer or electronic device other than the original licensee's.

C) Print out and/or bind a single "hard" copy of the work for personal not-for-resale/ not for trade use. Such hard copy, bound or unbound, may not be sold, given away, traded, lent out, or otherwise used by anyone other than the person in physical possession of all "soft" copies of the work, or without the licensee destroying all soft copies of the work in her or his possession.

Section II. Terms And Termination of License

A) Licensee may terminate the license granted by Publisher by destroying all copies of the archive, all unarchived copies of the work no matter how altered, and any printed out copies of the work. The benefit derived by the licensee from the license will terminate automatically if the terms of this license are violated with respect to the obtained work, and Publisher may demand the return of all copies of the work, or existing parts or versions thereof, immediately. Any such termination shall be without prejudice to any accrued rights of the parties.

B) The right to "rent" the work in part or in whole is not granted to the licensee.

C) The work or any part of it may not be further transmitted by digital means, unless it is being returned to Publisher for inspection of defect or examination of the archive.

D) Licensee agrees to take all possible steps to protect the work from unauthorized use, alteration, reproduction, or distribution.

E) Licensee hereby agrees that any work obtained from Publisher is not being obtained for any purpose that may result in civil or criminal liability to Publisher or any of his employees, agents, or intermediaries, if any.

F) Licensee shall indemnify Publisher or any of his employees, agents, or intermediaries, if any, from any liability caused by licensee's failure to observe the licenseeship rules, including but not limited to licensee's failure to restrict access to copies, or printouts of works obtained from Publisher to persons prohibited from obtaining or reading them.

Section III. Fitness

This work is provided on an "as is" basis. Except as is herein expressly stated, Publisher makes no representation and gives no warranty of any kind whatsoever either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose (express or implied).

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