Alongside Night

J. Neil Schulman
This Prometheus Hall-of-Fame novel portrays the last two weeks of the world's greatest superpower and ends on a triumphant note of hope.

Lines of Fire

Guy P. Giovanello
'Maybe you're right,' Joey said after some consideration. 'Maybe the future for guys like me, with no education or skills to speak of, lies in the world of drugs.'

Shylock, the Roman

Robert Schneider
'The paradigm itself provides new insights into the play's many ironies and will be appreciated for getting us outside the Christian versus Jew conundrum.'--Virginia Mason Vaughan,professor of English, Clark University

Death's Dimensions

Victor Koman
The Universe was their ballroom, madness their song, and death the dance they danced. A psychotic space opera.

Hauser's Memory (Forrest J Ackerman Presents)

Curt Siodmak
Part Two of the Donovan's Brain Trilogy. Slaughter, the CIA man, has thought of everything--even to providing a suitable 'subject' for the bizarre experiment.

Masculinity: The Hoax Enslaving Men

Russell S. Dynda
Men die eight years sooner than women. Why? Because they embrace traditional concepts of masculinity.

Missile Master

D.K. Kirts
Sixties rock and roll was warming up, and this little missile base was closing down...The visiting soldiers were well loved by the town ladies, and loved and loved. A very loving time.

Profile in Silver and Other Screenwritings

J. Neil Schulman
Now you can use your imagination to see all these stories in your own private screening room, and learn the stories behind the stories as Schulman tells about his adventures in movieland.

Rock and Roll Nuremberg

David T. Lindsay
'Lindsay is to the music business what Bela Lugosi was to drawing room comedy--something really scary!'--Brad Linaweaver

Time Wars No. 4: The Zenda Vendetta

Simon Hawke
The commandos of the Temporal Intelligence Agency have another temporal adjustment on their hands. And all they have for a guide is an obscure 19th century novel!

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