The Frame of the Century?

J. Neil Schulman
Was O.J. Simpson Framed By His Biggest Fan?

This Island Earth (Forrest J Ackerman Presents)

Raymond F. Jones
This Island Earth was really the first Star Wars.

Agent of Chaos

Norman Spinrad
Whose side are they on? Whose fool are you?

Bestseller: wired, analog, and digital writings

Paul Levinson
Described by Wired as 'remarkable in both his scholarly sweep and lyricism.'

Captain Anger Adventure #1: The Microbotic Menace

Victor Koman
The First Hero of the New Millennium!

The Chosen Ones

Julie Richer
What if you discovered you're not who you think you are?

Okay, Fine

D.K. Kirts
You definitely wouldn't want to mess with John the Terrible. But somebody was messing with him, now. What a really stupid thing to do.

Time Wars No. 2: The Timekeeper Conspiracy

Simon Hawke
In the world of Cardinal Richelieu and the Three Musketeers, Captain Lucas Priest must infiltrate the terrorist underground called the Timekeepers and put an end to their mad schemes forever--whatever forever means!

To Open The Sky

Robert Silverberg
No man fights as viciously as the man who knows he is right.

Wall Street Blues

Jerome Tuccille
Before Bill had Monica problems in the White House, Paul was having Monica problems in the corporate suite.

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