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"I couldn't put my keyboard down."
David McGrath

Piers Anthony's




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The Novel New York Publishers
Dared Not Release!

Piers Anthony managed to sell 102 books to traditional publishers, and twenty-one of them landed on The New York Times bestseller list. But when it came time to find a publisher for what some consider his most important novel to date, an historical novel of the Spanish Civil War and World War II, nobody in the publishing establishment wanted to touch it.

Did Piers Anthony write a hate-filled screed?

No. Volk is a love story.

Did Piers Anthony try to tell us that the Nazis were good guys or that the Holocaust never happened?

No. In Piers Anthony's Volk, nothing is done to mask the evil of Nazism and the millions of lives lost at their hands.

Piers Anthony only had to do one thing in order to get the major publishers to censor him.

All he had to do was write a novel suggesting, as did Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse-5, that the United States was capable of commiting war crimes during World War II, also. But KurtVonnegut published Slaughterhouse-5 in 1969, when there was still the remnants of a publishing industry in this country that believed in freedom of the press.

Get set to read the major underground novel of the Internet -- the novel by a megabestselling author which would not have been published if advances in technology didn't make it possible for Piers Anthony to make his work available directly to the reader, bypassing the censors in New York.

The revolution against censorship is in front of your eyes.

Praise for VOLK

"Volk is a masterpiece."
Brad Linaweaver, author of Moon of Ice,
from his Foreword

"Mr. Anthony demonstrates the futility of war. If you're a pacifist -- indeed, if you're not -- Volk is a book worth reading. It's a book I'd want to buy on the bookstands, even if I weren't a Piers Anthony fan."
From a review by David McGrath (pat@fur.com)

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