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Reviews of Julius Schulman's tone
while performing on his Guarnerius violin:

"His tone was pure and voluminous ..."
"Julius Schulman In Recital," The New York Times, March 9, 1942

"[H]is tone is rich, full-bodied, and expressive."
"Julius Schulman Recital Given at Town Hall," March 9, 1942, New York Post

"[A]n attractive quality of tone adjusted to the character of the changing sequences."
Review of Schulman's Town Hall recital, New York Journal-American, March 9, 1942

"His virile tone ... has already been referred to; it is free-flowing, transparent, copious; it can be trenchant, bold, and consistent enough to be spun to the finest filament, it has all the orchestral pigments."
"Julius Schulman Sets Tempo for Violin Recitals," Carl E. Lindstrom, The Hartford Times, October 25, 1943

"His tone is firm and gleaming..."
"Violin Recital Given by Julius Schulman," Max de Schauensee, The Philadephia Evening Bulletin, October 30, 1943

"[A] tone that is full and ... brilliant..."
"Julius Schulman in Violin Recital," Olin Downes, The New York Times, December 28, 1943

"[A] round, warm tonal quality ..."
"Big Audience at Schulman Violin Recital," Grena Bennet, New York Journal-American, December 28, 1943

"[H]is warm, vibrant tone ..."
"Julius Schulman, Brooklyn Violinist, Gives Recital in Town Hall," Miles Kastendieck, Brooklyn Eagle, December 28, 1943

"His tone had vibrancy and variety in coloration..."
"Music in Review," The Philadephia Evening Bulletin, May 11, 1944

"[H]is ever-present, fine Guarnerius violin."
"Violinist Makes Shortest Trip of Career to Play in Forest Hills," Long Island Daily Press, October 25, 1950

"[E]xtracting from his instrument a large, rich tone ..."
"Ovation Won by Schulman" by Charles L. DuFour, New Orleans States, Nov. 28, 1956

"The wood shell over the stage resonated beautifully with Schulman's Guarneri and emphasizing its warm, full-bodied robust tone."
Review of In Recital from San Antonio, Mike Greenberg, Critic at Large, San Antonio Express-News, May 1, 1982

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