A List For Santa

Copyright (c) 1995 by J. Neil Schulman. Permission to post in computer file and message bases granted. All other rights reserved.


by J. Neil Schulman

Now that I'm all grown up
I'm not supposed to believe in you
But Santa there are things I want
Not many, just a few.

It isn't much I ask this year
I don't want to be a pest
But if you could just help me out
I sure could use the rest.

Could Santa do my laundry?
Could Santa fix my car?
Could Santa pay my Visa bill
If I wish upon a star?

I do not need some brand new shoes
Or a Rolex or a Rolls.
I'm happy with the shoes I've got
if you'd kindly fill the holes.

I don't mean to sound pathetic
I'm capable of greed
But after wishing for the world
I've learned a simpler creed.

The more I get the more I want
I'm never satisfied
So if I ask for little
It's easily gratified.

So Santa, fix my hard drive?
Please Santa scratch my back.
Cause, Santa, when all's said and done
There's darn little that I lack.

So have a Merry Christmas, friends,
And drink a cup of cheer,
And have a healthy, safe and lovely
Happy Brand New Year!

December 25, 1995

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