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Neil's forthcoming blockbuster!

Neil's first new novel since 1983!
Escape From Heaven

The only collection of Neil's short stories!
Nasty, Brutish, and Short Stories

Neil's investigation of the OJ. Simpson case!
The Frame of the Century?

Neil's stories for the screen -- and the stories behind them!
Profile In Silver
And Other Screenwritings

Neil's inside history of paperless books--and their future!
Book Publishing
in the 21st Century

Neil's futuristic novel of Political Correctness Gone Wild!
The Rainbow Cadenza

Neil's prophetic novel of the final American Revolution:
Alongside Night

Neil's definitive defense of private gun ownership!
Stopping Power:
Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns

Neil's magnum opus -- arguments & poetry on the Meaning of Life, American Culture, power, the New Age, rudeness, books, God, and -- oh, yeah -- guns.
Self Control Not Gun Control

Neil's exclusive look into the mind of America's greatest science fiction writer!
The Robert Heinlein Interview
and Other Heinleiniana

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Profile in Silver

From PsychOtronic Video® No. 23,
"Wrestling Scorpio: An Interview With Andrew Robinson":

"The JFK episode was wonderful.
It was such a good script."

Andrew Robinson Andrew Robinson as Garak on DS9 Andrew Robinson, who more recently played Garak
on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,
commenting on his role as President Kennedy
in J. Neil Schulman's 1986 Twilight Zone
script "Profile in Silver."

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CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender Award.


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Snail Mail: 10736 Jefferson Blvd., # 775, Culver City, CA 90230-4969
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J. Neil Schulman's Boycott List
    These are the chain-store companies and supermarket products that I am currently boycotting:

  • Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream
    During the Vietnam War draft, Baskin-Robbins asked children to sign up for its birthday club, which required children to give Baskin-Robbins their dates of birth in order to join and get a free ice-cream on their birthday. Baskin-Robbins then turned over its birthday-club list to U.S. Selective Service, so Selective Service could threaten males turning 18 who had failed to register with Selective Service with registration for the Vietnam draft or face a five-year term in federal prison. Selective Service today still requires 18-year-old men to register for a possible future military draft or face a felony conviction resulting in a federal prison sentence. For this vile entrapment of innocent children into the clutches of slavers who wanted to send them off to fight a foreign war, I am boycotting Baskin-Robbins until hell freezes over.

  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
    The Ben and Jerry's Foundation and individual Ben & Jerry's franchises have contributed regularly to anti-Second Amendment causes. Recently Ben and Jerry's was acquired by Uni lever P.L.C. Until Uni lever P.L.C. pledges that it will discontinue Ben & Jerry's corporate support for anti-Bill-of-Rights causes, I will maintain the boycott.

  • Sara Lee
    Sara Lee named Handgun Control Inc.'s Sarah Brady its Humanitarian Woman of the Year and contributed $50,000 to Handgun Control, Inc., an organization that is dedicated to support of whatever violations of the right to keep and bear arms that are politically achievable. Because of Sara Lee's support of anti-Bill-of-Rights politics, I am boycotting Sara Lee, and its supermarket brand-name products, Ball Park, Hillshire Farms, and Jimmy Dean.

  • Dannon
    Dannon contributed to and was a corporate sponsor of the Million Mom March, which is an attempt to destroy the right of self-defense. Because of Dannon's support of anti-Bill-of-Rights politics, I am boycotting Dannon.

  • Toys R Us
    The New York Post reported on June 17, 2000, that Toys R Us was "refusing to sign leases in the glitzy new 'Bow Tie' building if the NRA also moves in with its gun-themed showcase." A message I posted on the Toys R Us website informing Toys R Us management that I would be boycotting them, and why, generated an administrative email acknowledgement of receipt, but no management denial of the New York Post story in the five weeks since. Anyone who thinks that Toys R Us is attempting to ban the NRA from Times Square because NRA is too weak and compromising in its support of the Second Amendment is living in a dream world.

    J. Neil Schulman,
    July 28, 2000

    Personal Statement of Information Policy

    I am a writer, a journalist, and a publisher. I consider that all information given to me is for my use in those professions, unless the information contains a notice of copyright or a request for privacy.

    I respect copyrights, but operate under the Doctrine of Fair Usage, interpreted liberally. Reciprocally, a major portion of my writings are available free on the World Wide Web to anyone who wants to read them. I've placed copyright notices on my writing to define what rights I'm maintaining and what uses I'm granting.

    Persons conveying information to me do so at their own risk. Sources requesting secrecy are hereby given notice that I will maintain such secrecy at my sole discretion, according to my utilitarian considerations and personal ethics. If I make a promise to maintain secrecy or privacy on a particular piece of information, I will keep that promise except under duress, or unless in my judgment revealing that information will result in the net saving of lives or property. Don't expect me to keep your secrets under torture, or under threats to my family. I won't do it. I'm not a soldier pledged to any cause. But I am a human being with high ethical standards and will try like hell not to cause unwitting harm to others.

    If material is sent to me in email, I consider that I have the right to forward it to anyone I choose, or to publish it in any form I choose, unless a specific copyright notice or request for privacy is made within the body of that email message. I take no responsibility for my unwittingly forwarding private email in which no specific request for privacy has been made, or copyrighted materials in which the copyright notice has been stripped from the material. If you "cc" or "bcc" me on an email, I reserve the right to reply as I see fit. If you don't want me to reply to someone, either don't include me in the email or conceal the email address of anyone you don't want to receive a reply. My email software includes in its design the one-click ability to reply to the sender or "reply all" or "forward." The inclusion of those features means the software designers contemplated that I and millions of others would want to use it and often enough I do. Accusing me of violating "netiquette" because I use features designed into my email software is snobbish, Pharisaical, and lame-brained. Do that to me and the stream of profanity you get will likely be the last email you will ever receive from me. I've never suffered fools gladly.

    While we're on the subject of Netiquette, as far as I'm concerned it's up to you to reject or filter out unwanted HTML code or other attachments. My eMail is checked for viruses before I get it so I know it can be done. I often forward web pages and other assorted file-types to friends I think will be interested. If you don't want to hear from me, tell me and I'll remove you from my email address book.

    Submission of literary materials for publication will be treated as copyrighted, so long as they are labelled submissions, and will not be published without permission from the copyright owner.

    Publication embargo dates will be honored, if requested on the materials, and if I don't forget. Any disputes will be decided in my favor.

    I don't consciously take credit for other people's creative work, and I expect that anyone consciously making use of my creative work will give me credit.

    If these conditions are not acceptable to you, keep whatever it is to yourself!

    J. Neil Schulman

    Copyright © 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 J. Neil Schulman. All rights reserved.
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