If Alien Abductions Are Real

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by J. Neil Schulman

I've been reading about UFO's for almost as long as I've been a serious reader of science fiction -- over three decades. I've probably read ten or fifteen books on the subject.

I've come to some opinions on the subject based solely on the facts as represented in the books I've read; that's all I have to go on, since to the best of my recollection I've never seen, touched, or been in close proximity to an extraterrestrial or otherwise otherworldly craft or race.

Those who claim they have had very close encounters with extraterrestrials describe an experience which parallels our own zoologists dealings with animals. The zoologists capture animals, tag them for tracking, perform medical examinations on them, study them in their natural habitat, and -- with some species -- breed them in captivity.

Those people who claim abductee experiences describe similar experiences -- but from the animal's point of view: capture and tagging often as children, periodic medical examinations, taking of genetic samples, and breeding experiments including impregnation of women and harvesting the fetuses.

I do not know whether extraterrestrial abductors of human women and children exist, but if they do, they are high enemies of our race.

The powers of the extraterrestrial zoologists are described as being as formidable to our race as our zoologists' powers must seem to the animals we capture, study, and breed. By all accounts, extraterrestrial vivisectionists seem to be able to detect and control states of human consciousness at a distance to such an extent that they can immobilize the human subjects and do whatever they like to them. They ask no more permission for their experiments than human zoologists do of animals.

There is one significant difference, though.

We are not animals. We are people.

We bipedal mammals of the planet Earth, who have self-named our species homo sapiens ("Man the Wise") are observably intelligent and self-conscious to any extraterrestrial species.

We can be observed as producing and having produced technological artifacts unique to our species.

We can be observed as able to communicate from one generation to the next by a recorded language unique to our species.

We can be observed as basing action on abstract reasoning.

We can be observed as engaging in inductive and deductive reasoning processes.

We can be observed as engaging in non-utilitarian artistic activity unique to our species.

Unlike speculations about other species on this planet, none of these criteria speculates about the unobservable functioning of a neural network. All of them are based on observable effects of intelligence and self-consciousness. Neither cetaceans nor other higher mammals, including the higher apes, qualify under these criteria. We do not observe these significations of intelligence and self-consciousness in any other terrestrial species we know, such criteria being neither necessarily anthropocentric (true only for the human species) nor even terracentric (true only for Earth-dwellers).

Because we are sapiens, no non-terrestrial sapiens, no matter how powerful, has the moral right to land on our planet without our permission and treat us as animals.

Since there is quite a bit of personal testimony to the extraterrestrial vivisectionist experience -- hundreds or even thousands of claims -- it should be taken seriously enough that countermeasures can be contemplated. Perhaps some government officials are already secretly investigating the incidents.

Such secrecy would be a cause for reasonable fear and loathing, if such investigations have yielded positive results of extraterrestrial-human contacts. No public official has ever gained the legal authority of the people of the United States to keep such official secrets on an issue potentially relating to the very survival of our species; and if such concealment of extraterrestrial contacts is being practiced, it must be seriously considered to be racial treason to the human species.

If, as persistently rumored, there are those in our government who have knowledge of extraterrestrial contacts with humans and have concealed their knowledge from the American people, these officials should be uncovered. There is no provision in the Constitution of the United States for concealing vital species-relevant knowledge, if it exists, from the American people. I wouldn't like arrogance in extraterrestrial scientists, and I'd like it still less in public officials who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

There are those, perhaps of mystical or religious persuasion, who might not be offended by the idea of extraterrestrial scientists sampling our genetic code and breeding new races with a partly human face. I regard the prospect as obscene. I'd regard extraterrestrials who would do such a thing as at least as morally depraved as the human Nazi doctor Mengele. If anyone who experiments on humans wants to be viewed differently, they had better be carrying I.D. issued by the Almighty, Creator of the Universe, Himself -- otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, they'd be just another bunch of Nazis and just as worthy of meeting their deaths at the hands of our race.

I wouldn't care what their laws or ethics might be, or how important their cause, or whether they think what they are doing is to our benefit. I don't like mere mortals playing gods, regardless of how distant their place of origin. The arrogance may seem justified by their power, but power only provides means, not a justification for ends.

Aesop's fable tells us that the mice voted to bell the cat and asked unsuccessfully for a volunteer. If we are indeed mice in the laboratories of these cats, we had better put our minds to belling them, and start mustering our courage to do it. I, for one, would volunteer. I have a daughter.

If alien kidnapers indeed exist, they will die at my hand if I can do it; and if I can't presently, then they had better be afraid that I may learn how. Because if I do, I will call upon my race to follow these alien rapists back to their home and teach these arrogant moral cripples to rue the day they met up with the human race.

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