Nasty, Brutish and Short Stories by J. Neil Schulman

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Nasty, Brutish, and Short Stories
J. Neil Schulman

"His first fiction in years proves that this superb writer never lost his touch."
--Anders Monsen, Prometheus

J. Neil Schulman is known for his Prometheus-award-winning novels Alongside Night and The Rainbow Cadenza. He's known for his Twilight Zone episode, "Profile in Silver." He's known for his non-fiction books Stopping Power, Self Control Not Gun Control, and The Frame of the Century?

But until now only those lucky readers who have run across one of this short stories in the occasional magazine or anthology have had a chance to know J. Neil Schulman as a writer of short fiction.

Nasty, Brutish and Short Stories collects seven of J. Neil Schulman's published short stories for the first time, and adds to them two never-before-seen stories, including the first story he ever wrote.

    The collection includes...

  • "The Repossessed" -- the lead story in Carol Serling's anthology, Adventures in the Twilight Zone -- the story of a psychology professor whose dreams make him a repeated eyewitness to murder!

  • "The Musician," in which a reclusive violinist has to decide whether he's a pawn in an elaborate conspiracy...or just going crazy!

  • "Day of Atonement," in which a terrorist conducts a solo operation in Jerusalem to save the Jews from their oppression by...the Hebrews!

  • "When Freeman Shall Stand," where the last verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is sung with new meaning!

"A tasty smorgasbord of fictional delights!"
-- John DeChancie,
best-selling author of Castle Perilous,
Starrigger & Witchblade: Talons


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    The Kindle edition includes two new stories!

  • "The Laughskeller," the club where if the comedian doesn't kill in every performance, the audience might really kill him!

  • "Vamp Until Ready" a world of monsters in which humans are cannibals and the homicide detectives are vampires!

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